NOTE:If you are using GetFeedback, there is no need to activate your base... you can skip this process.

Go to: and enter the base serial number (from the back of the base below the bar code) ​into the field above the Activate button....That's it. 

When your base gets "Activated", you will see an expiration date under My Licenses, your serial number will be shown under My Bases and any Apps that are licensed to work with that base will light up in a different color, lighter blue like in the pic above.

(Back of the Meridia Blue base - serial number shown in yellow box)

(Back of the SunVote White stick-base - serial number shown in yellow box)

You only need to do this once for each computer you want the base to be used with.  You will have to repeat the process only if your license has changed.

If you need further help, the instructions for the AppCenter are attached.​

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