Correctly formatting slides to be converted to interactive polling slides

Modified on Thu, 03 Aug 2017 at 09:38 AM

In order for the Convert Slide function in EZ-VOTE to work correctly, user has to make sure that the original, 'plain-vanilla' PowerPoint slide is formatted correctly.

To format the slides, make sure that you have the slide formatted as "Title and Content" layout - we checked this together and you already have everything done here. I'm just reiterating it, for future presentations, or if someone else will send you a PPTX with slides that need to be converted. This can be verified on the Home tab in PowerPoint, under Layout drop-down:

After that, make sure that your actual question text: "Where do you live?" appears in the top text box, which signifies a Question.

The voting options should be listed as bullets in the bottom text box, which signifies the Answers.

This way, EZ-VOTE will understand clearly which object should be a Question and which represents the Answers:


If Question Text and Answer Text (bullets) is located in the correct/respective text boxes, after the conversion, EZ-VOTE will create a proper, interactive question slide:


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