Can I speed up Template sync to EZ-VOTE Connect Dashboard?

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2017 at 03:33 PM

No. Unfortunately, if you have 100 Templates stored in the cloud, you'll have to wait until all of them are synced to your local computer for offline use.

After the sync, you can disconnect from the internet and only use keypads, for days and weeks without ever connecting again.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your experience with the software and this particular process.

1) Keep your Active Templates section clean

Archive Templates that you have in your Active list if you don't need them anymore.

From the Active list, click on the Archive button to remove the specific Template from the list:

2) Delete archived Templates, so that they stop being synced completely

Archived Templates are still going to be synced to your computer, so that you can easily recover them if you need them.

However, if you completely delete an archived Template, it will cease to exist (will be deleted) and thus it will stop being synced. 

From the Archived Templates list, click the Delete button to completely remove the Template from your CloudVOTE account.

3) Hide the Sync Progress window and let it process your Templates in the background

If you have already cleaned up all your content, but you still have many Templates to sync, you may want to use the Hide button to sync everything in the background, while you finish other tasks that you can do outside of the EZ-VOTE Connect app.

While Sync is in progress, click the Hide button at the bottom:

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