Elections & Weighted Voting in EZ-VOTE PowerPoint plugin

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If you're going to use EZ-VOTE for elections with weighted voting, you will need a few things before your voting results are shown correctly:

- Participant List (PL)

- Correct record structure

- Valid keypad IDs

Let's talk about these in separate steps.

Creating a Participant List

You can build your Participant List in Excel, but you have to save it in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, so that you can import it to EZ-VOTE.

Problem with Excel is that if you enter keypad (serial) numbers as "000001" or "000A93" (the second one is the serial number), Excel will strip off the leading zeros (0).

We recommend that you start the Participant List inside EZ-VOTE to ensure proper formatting. Only the Keypad ID field is mandatory and it has to be a six-digit number.

If you're using EZ-VOTE 5, 10, HD, or PRO keypads, it will either be the number from the front label (e.g. 000001), or if you're using ProVOTE Classic keypad from our rental fleet, you'll use the serial number on the back of the keypad (e.g. 003AA0). Feel free to add any other fields, such as "State", or "Department" if needed:

When you're done adding at least one record, save and export the list to a CSV file.

This is what it will look like in Notepad:

Here's the same file in Excel. Notice how the leading zeros are stipped off the second keypad ID. Also, there doesn't need to be anything in the "Last Name" or other fields, but the fields MUST exist, in order for the PL to work:

Correct Record Structure

Once you have your PL filled out with all the keypad IDs, you will need to import it to the presentation. Keep in mind that the only two (2) fields that MUST BE FILLED OUT are Keypad ID and Weight:

Valid Keypad IDs

Once again, since it's important, we'll repeat: the field where the keypad numbers are stored MUST BE labeled as "Keypad ID" (select it from the drop-down).

As well, the keypad numbers MUST BE entered in a 6-digit format.

Verification - Check That Everything Works

After the import, you want to make sure that everything worked and that you're going to see the voting results (charts and reports) shown with the weighted criteria in mind.

First, go to the EZ-VOTE toolbar --> Tools --> Settings and check under Chart Options --> Show Results As to see if FOUR (4) options are available.

If only two choices are visible (no Weighted options), then you have to double-check the formatting of your PL, and re-import it again.

This is what it should look like:

Whatever option you choose here will be the default view (display) that you'll see when you close polling on each slide.

However, after you close the poll, you can use the Control Bar buttons, or keyboard shortcuts (F3, and SHIFT+F3) to toggle between all the other available options, for example - from Percent Weighted --> Number Weighted, or Percent Weighted --> Percent (raw):

Final Results

If everything is working correctly, you should be able to see that even when only two responses were received, where one was weighted at "1" and the other at "2" votes, the final, weighted results chart will show:

Similarly, if you toggle to Percentage - Weighted view, you will see the appropriate proportion of votes:

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