EZ-VOTE Equipment Rental/Lease Tips & Tricks

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Renting/leasing our equipment is one of the cheaper ways to involve your audience in the meeting or training you're putting on.

In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this Do-It-Yourself experience.

What's In the Box

When you're renting our equipment, you will receive a box of pre-configured keypads in the quantity you ordered +/- 10% extras for backup.

Also included in the box will be a primary and backup receiver, plus any extra receivers that were needed in case your meeting required multiple rooms to have polling running at the same time.

We also include an appropriate set of USB cables, depending on the type of receiver that is included with the system.

Finally, you'll find an instruction card with a URL to go to where you can start installing and activating the software.

Here's a sample image of one of our lease shipping boxes and its contents:


What to Do Next

We can give you a hammer and a saw and you can build a house, or you can lose a finger or a hand. 

The difference is in training.

Schedule your training as soon as you book the rental with us. Don't wait until the last minute to send us the contract, or to get on the webinar/phone to go over the basic functions.

We want your event to be as successful, as if we were there doing it for you. In case you can't dedicate your own staff and/or time to DIY rental solution, we do offer a full Staffed Service, as well.

When you have the software installed, run it and log in using the instructions in the box to activate the license.

Without activation, ONLY 20 KEYPADS WILL WORK in Demo Mode.


Not that you're going to need this advice, but in case you're in a tough spot (or just a tough building, or a room), you can check these links to resolve issues with connectivity, reception, or range.

Software Download Installation Issues

.NET Framework & Windows Installer Error Messages During Installation

Incomplete Installation When Using the Web Installer (800kb) Download

My Meridia/EZ-VOTE tab is missing or disabled

EZ-VOTE (Meridia) tab doesn't show in PowerPoint

Range & Reception Issues

How to Get the Best Reception for Your Keypads?

How Can I Extend the Range of My ARS Signal?

2.4 GHz Interference and Its Effect on EZ-VOTE Voting Systems

Hardware Issues

We test the hardware prior to shipment, but sometimes the batteries can die in transit, or a particularly clumsy delivery may cause parts inside the equipment to come loose. That's why we provide backups.

Don't spend too much time troubleshooting one thing, when you have a backup.

Also, please make sure to avoid some obvious errors, like disconnecting the cable from the computer, or the USB hub, if you're using one. Don't connect a cable that looks like this:

We have received cables that look like this from rental/lease jobs before. The main reason is that people stick the cable in the base and coil the rest of the cable around it:

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