CloudVOTE & TownVOTE Online & Hybrid Event Best Practices

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Any event that involves internet connectivity should be considered riskier than those that rely purely on local hardware and software. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared to jump back into action after an outage or another serious problem outside of your control strikes.

Recommended Prerequisites

We highly recommend having a backup for each of the components below.


  • Have a backup computer booted up and ready to take over the primary Operator’s machine.
    1. Remember when testing/practicing for the event, always test BOTH the Primary and Secondary computers, so that you can confidently switch to backup quickly and easily.
    2. Make sure that you have the LATEST version of the EZ-VOTE Connect apps installed correctly and that you have activated your license.
    3. Preferably, DO NOT use the same computer that you run the voting software on for any another software that you might need for your meeting. This is because if one of the functions goes down, you should be able to reboot the session, application, or the computer at any time.
  • Have a backup internet connection ready in case your primary provider goes down, or becomes unusably slow.
    1. Always use HARD-WIRED connection instead of Wi-Fi.
    2. Not only you should have a backup wire runnign from your router in case the first one gets cut…
    3. …but you should also prepare a whole secondary connection – like a 5G or 4G hotspot that you’ve tested before.
    4. If you are using an Internet connection that is not your own (company, or home), test everything at the location where the event will take place.
  • Have a backup Operator ready to jump in for you in case something goes wrong. In case you get sick, or your computer is completely unusable you’ll need a knowledgeable person whom you (or Meridia) have trained thoroughly on the software that is being used for the event.

Standard Troubleshooting Procedures

Follow the suggested order below if possible.

  1. Restart the session (end the first one, then start again)
  2. Restart the application, then restart session
  3. Restart the computer, then restart application, then session
  4. If you can't restart the app, see if another instance of EZ-VOTE is running in the background. This is done through Windows Task Manager.
  • Right-click on the Taskbar and click Task Manager.
  • Find “EZ-VOTE Connect”, highlight it and click End Task, or press Delete.


Reporting Procedures

  1. If at all possible, take pics/screenshots of the error messages, if any are shown.
    1. Take note of when the error occurred – what steps were taken just before, and what time it was when it happened.
      1. After the event, collect logs (EZ-VOTE logs, Event Viewer logs), send them to Support.
        1. Here’s how to collect logs from your computer
        2. If the files are small enough, send them directly to
        3. Otherwise, if the files are too large for email, use our File Drop:


For additional information, or in-depth troubleshooting, feel free to contact, or call us at (610) 260-6800.

If you'd like to take this document on the road with you, you're in luck. See attached PDF below.

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