You need to register keypads to participants, because the reports need to show who voted and how, or you want to show person's name on the Leader board slide.


You can create a Participant List (PL) in one of two ways:

1) Inside EZ-VOTE

2) Using Excel

We recommend that you create the PL in EZ-VOTE when you're dealing with less than 10 participants. 20 are also acceptable, but it will take twice the amount of time, of course :)

Anything over 20 is best edited in Excel and then imported into EZ-VOTE.

The EZ-VOTE Method

To create a PL in EZ-VOTE, just click find the Tools menu on the EZ-VOTE tab and click Manage Participant List.

Click New List and enter the list name and description (optional)

Enter the participant information, one by one...and click Save Participant in between entries. Click Finish List when you're done.

The Excel Method

Create at least one PL entry using the "EZ-VOTE Method" and then click Export List on the main Participant Management screen.

When editing the PL in Excel, please note there is an issue with Excel stripping 'leading zeroes' (0s) from CSV files documented here.

When you're finished with the PL in Excel, save it again as CSV and on the Participant Management screen, click the Import List button and walk through the process of importing the list to EZ-VOTE.

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