Can an attendee/voter change their answer?

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How many times can a participant change their answer (press a different button)?

While polling is open, the person holding the keypad can change their answer as many times as they want. Only their LASTvote will count.
Some of our keypads will ​give the attendee a visual confirmation of each vote they submit. If "1" is pressed, "1" will be shown in the window and then it will go away, signifying that the vote has been received.

On the Control Bar, which is visible on the main computer screen (in Extended Scree mode, it might be a different screen from the one content is displayed on), you will be notified of the number of received votes. At this sta​ge, the polling indicator is green and says "Polling Open" (Figure 1).

Figure 1

​Once you close polling, the polling indicator will say "Polling Closed" (Figure 2) and no new votes will be accepted on this slide.

Figure 2

At this point, you may have realized that not everyone has voted, or that someone wants to change their vote.
You can reopen polling by clicking on the fourth (4th) icon from the left, ​"Resume Current Polling Slide" or press F5 on the keyboard.  This will not erase votes, but will allow voters to change or add votes. 

REMEMBER: anyone who has already submitted their vote CAN now change it to a new value (only their LAST vote counts)​

You can also reset the entire slide by pressing F10.  This will erase all answers and every voter will have to re-enter their choices. 
Both F5 and F10 will change the polling indicator status from red & "Polling Closed" to green and "Polling Open" again.

Once you navigate away from the current slide, polling will be permanently closed. This includes moving forward, backwards and ​exiting Presentation Mode.
The Control Bar polling indicator status will change to "Polling ​Disabled" and will be greyed out (Figure 3).

Figure 3

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