There are a couple shortcuts built into Base manager that will help you if you're experiencing base connectivity issues. 

1. AppCenter: The AppCenter button brings you directly to.. you guessed it.. the Meridia AppCenter.  If you see that your base             

                      "needs activation", click this button and click Activate Bases when AppCenter opens.  Most times, this is the 

                      solution to your connectivity problems.  

2. Device Manager:  This button brings you to Windows Device Manager.  If you don't see your base in the list shortly after 

                               plugging it in, click this button and unplug/plug it in again while watching the window to see if the list changes

                               at all.  If you see the list flicker every time you plug/unplug the base, this means its seeing the base, but the

                               base isnt communicating with EZ-Vote 2.  If the list does nothing, it probably means there is a deeper issue.

A Meridia Support technician will guide you through the use of these two buttons, so if you're still stuck, give us a call.