ProVote Classic Advanced Settings

Modified on Fri, 19 Dec 2014 at 02:09 PM

1. Select base

If you only have one ProVote Classic base plugged in, this section is irrelevant. However if you have multiple bases plugged in, this section will allow you to switch between then and affect their individual settings.

2. Base ID

This number (probably 9 on your computer) is the number that the keypads look for to communicate with the base and vice versa.  It is very important.  If you change it, the keypads won’t communicate anything. You CAN change the base # in the keypads, but you must do it one at a time, which can be quite time consuming.  Unless you buy another base there’s really no reason to change this number, but if you absolutely must, call Meridia Support to help you through it.

3. Base address

If you have two bases on the same ID set up on the same computer, and you want both to operate and collect votes, changing the base address will allow them to operate in tandem.  Why would you do this?  If you have a large room and have concerns that some voters will be out of range you can strategically place receivers around the room. 

4. Keypad Groups

You can leave all of these checked and nothing will change.  You may uncheck all that don’t apply to you (if you have 50 keypads there’s no need for 101-500 to be enabled) and it will decrease the time it takes for a vote to be collected.   

5. Base Information

Refreshes the Log screen (10) with your current settings.

6. Apply Settings

Changes to base settings will not take effect until this button is pressed.

7. Add Ethernet Base

If you have an Ethernet base (grey, size of a hardback novel) you will need to go here to setup communication between it and your computer. 

8. Clear Log

Empties the Log Info Pane (10) of all text.

9. Disable

Disables the currently selected base.  Button switches to Enable after clicking.

10. Log Info Pane

Displays current settings, does not auto refresh. To get an accurate account, click Base Information (5).

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