Operating PowerPoint (EZ-VOTE) is slow

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You're seeing a big delay in charts showing/generating after the polling is slow, or simply the operation of PowerPoint is slow (like typing).

This is usually caused by a third-party add-in, or security software running in the background and interfering with EZ-VOTE operation.


There are other reasons why specific operations could be slow, but when editing text on a slide, collecting votes, inserting a slide, or closing polling and drawing the results chart, PowerPoint can get very slow for two main reasons:

  1. Hard drive encryption or specific network settings
  2. Security software is scanning your presentation in real-time

Hard Drive Encryption and Internet Connectivity

As of EZ-VOTE b115 (v3.0.115), we are compatible with FIPS encryption standard. We'll continuously improve and add new forms of encryption to the supported list.

Number one fix we see working on the first try is to disconnect from the internet. All of our audience response systems work independent from an Internet connection, thus you don't need to be online at all.

That being said, we've seen a presentation run completely differently when off the 'wired' network and on a Wi-Fi. Most times, the difference in speed is caused by different 'security profile' being applied to each configuration.

First, try to disconnect from the internet completely, but if you need it for anything else (EZ-VOTE doesn't need to be online), use a Wi-Fi, or mobile hotspot/pairing with your phone to see if it makes a difference.

Please note: You should not run your presentations from a network drive, SharePoint, or Dropbox anyway, so as to avoid losing data if the connection goes down unexpectedly.

Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus Software Scanning

If PowerPoint is being scanned in real time by the Windows Defender or a similar antivirus and/or security app, we found that EZ-VOTE can get unusually slow, unless you disable Windows Defender completely, or if you add the PowerPoint and Excel processes (powerpnt.exe and excel.exe, respectively) to the Exclusions list.

Other security apps we know of that can cause this behavior are:

- Symantec Endpoint Security

- Symantec Norton Antivirus

- McAfee Antivirus

- Trend Micro


- FireAMP Connector


- Kaspersky Antivirus


Below is a step-by-step on how to create the Exceptions (Exclusions) in Windows Defender, but the steps may differ in other apps. In any case, you'll be looking to add a PATH, FOLDER, or a PROCESS to the Exceptions list. When you find the section of the app's Settings menu with Exclusions, please add "powerpnt.exe" and "excel.exe" processes to the list.

Otherwise, add the path for your version of Office to the list.

For 32-bit Office, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX (where XX is the version of your Office)

For 64-bit Office, this is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX (where XX is the version of your Office)

Disable Windows Defender:

Click on Start button and type "Defender", then click on the Windows Defender item, or if you see it in the results, go directly to Windows Defender Settings.

If the interface looks like the one below, you will have to perform one more step - click on the Settings tab:

Once in Settings, disable Real-time protection and you're all set. 

Add an Exception/Exclusion:

If you cannot afford or are not allowed to turn off the Windows Defender, then at least, you need to add the PowerPoint and Excel processes to the Exclusions list.

Here's how to do it. NOTE: Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will go through slightly different steps when it comes to adding the Exclusions, but the outcome is the same.

In Windows Defender Settings, scroll down to Exclusions. Then click on Add an exclusion.

Then click on Exclude a .exe, .com, or .scr process item under Processes.

Finally, add a "powerpnt.exe" (without the quotes) to the text field and click OK. Repeat the step by adding "excel.exe" (without the quotes) and click OK.

At this point, if PowerPoint was open during all this, go ahead and close it.

Then restart it and experience the difference.

Other programs' Settings menu (continuously updated)

Here is the Settings menu for FireAMP Connector:

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