How to speed up PowerPoint (EZ-VOTE) operation

Modified on Mon, 07 Nov 2016 at 05:33 PM

If you find that working in PowerPoint and particularly in EZ-VOTE is slower than normal, you can do a few things to speed it up.

First, check these KB articles if:

1.) Typing text into the question or answer text box is slow. Your security software may be causing the slowness.

2.) Drawing charts/graphs is slow when you close polling. Presenter View or your slideshow template may be the reason behind it.

If none of these helped, then there's the door #3 - your network and the location where your presentation files are stored.

When you want your presentation to run smoothly and quickly, you have to use the fastest possible storage medium.

Running the presentation off a network (shared) drive is going to be slower than running it from your local hard drive.

Feel free to store the draft version (or final version) of the presentation on the network while you're editing and testing it.

However, just before you go live, make a copy of it and put it on your desktop for fastest possible experience.

Meridia response systems don't require internet connectivity for the software or hardware to function properly.

Having your Wi-Fi on or off doesn't make any difference to our apps or clickers, but it does make a big difference in the connection speed to your network-bound PowerPoint presentation file.

If at all possible, use the hard-wired, Ethernet connection at all times.

Our clients who 'dock' their computers at work may have their connection automatically switch from Wi-Fi to wired, but it's a good idea to double-check that. Thank you, Gabe for learning this the hard way!

It's also a good idea to copy your presentation off a thumb drive and put it on your computer (Desktop, for example), so that you can be sure that you're not exposed to the USB drive being yanked out of the connector and losing connection. USB keys/sticks also work on a slower transfer speed than your computer hard drive.

Let us know if this or the other articles helped.

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