With the small LED, the MyVOTE keypad does not provide as much immediate information and feedback to the audience member/voter as the MyVOTE LCD, or other keypads Meridia offers.

However, here's a short list of the LED light indications that you can use to tell what's happening during the polling.

1) Keypad is always OFF (no light) until a button is pushed

2) When a button is pushed, light starts flashing green until the keypad connects to the base

3) If connection is established, light turns into solid green for 2 seconds then turns off

    - If connection fails, light turns solid red for 2 seconds and turns off

    - Press the button again to restart the connection/voting process

4) Light stays solid green until vote is delivered. Light turns off when the vote has been delivered

5) If the vote has not been received within the timeout period, solid green light turns into red solid light (for 2 seconds) and light turns off

In other words, when a button is pressed (user has voted), the LED turns solid green. If the vote is submitted successfully, green light turns off. If the vote submission fails, green light turns solid red for 2 seconds, and then turns off

6) When the keypad is in low battery, orange light flashes slowly (once every 5 seconds)