Keypads Turn On, But Don't Submit a Vote

Modified on Thu, 05 Sep 2019 at 03:45 PM

When your keypads are turned on, but you see that when you push a button, the votes is not submitted, check for these signs:

  1. Do you see an "antenna" (signal strength) icon in the upper-left corner of the EZ-VOTE 5/10 (previously MyVOTE) keypad? Do you see "--" (two dashes) in the middle of the screen of the EZ-VOTE PRO (previously ProVOTE TXT) keypad? Do you see a number (as opposed a "-" (dash) on the display of the ProVOTE Classic keypad?
    1. If so, proceed to the next step
    2. If no, a) make sure the USB base receiver is properly connected, b) reinsert the base receiver (try another USB port), c) remove and reinsert the batteries in the keypad
  2. Do you see a "R" on the EZ-VOTE 5/10 (previously MyVOTE) display? Do you see a "pencil" icon in the middle of the EZ-VOTE PRO (previously ProVOTE TXT) display?
    1. If so, proceed to the next step
    2. If no, a) make sure that polling is open in the app that you're using, b) close and reopen polling again
  3. If you still can't see a vote being received after you push a button on the keypad:
    1. Make sure that if the slide requires you to push the "OK" or "Send" button, you submit the vote manually (e.g. on a Multi-Vote or Election slide)
    2. Replace the batteries in the keypad
    3. If you're using a EZ-VOTE HD (previously ProVOTE 2) keypad and you see a "-" (dash) instead of a number when you vote, or if the number you pushed doesn't go away, follow these steps to re-initialize (reset) the base:

Go to EZ-VOTE/Meridia tab in PowerPoint --> Tools --> Base Manager:

In Base Manager, click the Advanced Settings button (1), check the Read Default SN box (2) and click Apply Settings (3). You may also adjust your keypad range, so that the base can collect the votes from the keypads faster.

If you only have 100 keypads, the range should be set to 1 - 100, so that the base doesn't have to check for votes in the remaining block of 101 - 500 keypads that don't exist:

Your new settings should be visually confirmed in the Status window on the right:

When you're done, click the Test Keypads button, adjust your voting grid size to match the keypad numbers you're going to use for testing and watch the keypad numbers in the grid light up as you vote:

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If you still can't get the keypads to submit a vote, let us know...(610) 260-6800 or

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