EZ-VOTE 2: New Slides

Modified on Tue, 18 Oct 2016 at 03:25 PM

If you are a seasoned EZ-VOTE 1.1 user, one of the first differences you will see in EZ-VOTE 2 is the availability of several new slides.  This article will briefly describe the new slides function, for more in depth info search the Knowledge base for articles specifically about each individual slide.

Rating Slide:

The Rating Slide allows the voter to rate each answer choice on an operator defined scale.  After the polling has closed, EZ-VOTE 2 will tally the ratings and average them, then reorder the answer choices from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. ​

Ranking Slide:

Similar to a rating slide, the ranking slide asks the voter to reorder the answer choices in order of importance to them.  Then, through a series of magical math tubes, EZ-VOTE 2 calculates the average importance level of each answer choice and reorders them (best to worst or worst to best).

Focused Slide

With focused selection, the slide starts off with a set amount of answers (say 6) then the audience votes on the best (or worst) one and the most popular choice is eliminated.  Now with 5 answers on the screen, the audience votes again and eliminates another answer choice.  When there are only 2 answer choices left, this will be the last voting session and after the last choice is eliminated the answers will reappear in the order they were eliminated.  

Multi-vote slide:

Quite simply, this slide allows the voter to choose more than one answer.  

Texting Slide

Only available to our ProVOTE TXT users, this slide allows the audience to send up to 120 characters to the screen.  You can toggle between chronological (first come, first display) or alphabetical. You can also "flip through the pages"  if there are more responses than can fit on the screen by hitting Shift+F3.

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