Depending on the installation method of the EZ-TRIVIA (and other software from the EZ-APPS suite), you may encounter an error when starting the program that states there's no default game template available.

Similarly, when you attempt to import your own PPTX game template into the app, there will be a similar error (see below) shown after the import and slide identification is complete.

(Error text: Create Session. Game session not created. ImportSessionFromPowerPoint().LoadFromOpenXMLPowerPoint().CreateImageFilesFromSlides().Problem encountered closing PowerPoint after import.)

(Error text: ReloadSessionHeaders.GetTemplateSessionHeaders().Unable to retrieve session. DeserializeSessionFromFile(). File does not exist.)


In order to fix this error/problem and prevent the error message from showing, you must install the software as a "local admin" (administrator account).

To find out if you have admin rights, your username must appear in the list of Local Users in the Computer Management console. See the image below for reference.