[Game Suite] Error Messages When Trying to Load Presentations

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Sometimes you may run into an issue that produces one of these errors when you try to run a game template in EZ-CATEGORIES, EZ-SCHOLAR, or EZ-TRIVIA:

  1. Unable to setup sample game. GetTemplateSessionHeaders(). Unable to retrieve session. [DeserializeSessionFromFile()]. File does not exist does not exist.
  2. ReloadSessionHeaders. GetTemplateSessionHeaders(). Unable to retrieve session. [DeserializeSessionFromFile()]. File does not exist does not exist.
  3. StartGameButton_Click. Sequence contains no elements.
  4. CreateSession. Game session not created. This presentation cannot be used to Load Questions. The proper number of slides does not exist to create a (3x3, 4x4, or 5x5) gameboard. 


The game template is probably corrupted and needs to be deleted and replaced.

First, you'll simply delete the bad template:

In extreme cases, you may have to delete the "v1" folder from your hard drive to fix the corrupted templates.

BEFORE YOU START: Do you have all of you PPTX files to re-upload into Categories?  If so:

1. uninstall EZ-VOTE Connect
2. go in and delete the "v1" folder 
    - In Windows 7, go to: Documents>Meridia>sessions>v1

    - In Windows 8/10, go to: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Meridia\sessions (where USER is your actual username)

3. reboot

If you don't have your PPTX files handy, then just move that "v1" folder to your desktop or another folder where you can find it later, then do the other steps.
The idea here is that one of your files is corrupted and is spoiling the whole bunch, like one fuzzy strawberry in the box.
After you've reinstalled the Connect app, try moving the files back in a 'reduction sequence' - move half of them in, run the program.
If it works, remove them and put in half of the ones you left out. Repeat that process until you've located the corrupt file. That one should not be moved back - it will just cause the same problem as before!


Another cause of the issue (especially for Error #4: CreateSession. Game session not created.) is that the presentation you're trying to import doesn't have the correct number of slides.

Go back to your original PowerPoint presentation (PPTX) and make sure that its length (the number of slides) and the layout correspond to the game template grid you want to use.

For example, a Jeopardy (Categories) game with a 3x3 grid must have exactly 12 slides:

- Category 1 slide followed by 3 Question slides (4 slides)

- Category 2 slide followed by 3 Question slides (4 slides)

- Category 3 slide followed by 3 Question slides (4 slides)

Learn more about the game templates and download some sample ones on our Downloads page.

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