My MERIDIA/EZ-VOTE Tab is Missing or Disabled

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You have just downloaded the software, activated your base and gotten all excited to try out the new ARS system. But there's no MERIDIA tab. Or maybe you have used EZ-VOTE add-in a hundred times and the MERIDIA tab suddenly on.


There are three possibilities:

1.  Your download was cut short somehow, or the installation wasn't performed with local Administrator rights.
First, download the appropriate version of EZ-VOTE again:

- if you were using EZ-VOTE 2 or older software, you can download it from our AppCenter

- if you were using EZ-VOTE Connect, download it from the Connect Welcome page.

2. Your EZ-VOTE add-in has been disabled or blocked by PowerPoint.

3. You might have multiple versions of Office on your computer.

4. Your security software is blocking the installation

See Meridia tab for EZ-VOTE ARS software in PowerPoint is not there (is missing) article for more information and applicable solution.

Either way, you will need admin rights in order to proceed, if you need your IT department to grant you permissions, do that first.  If this is YOUR personal computer and/or you are an admin, then you can continue.

Let's start with #3: Multiple versions of Office

This is a problem where the EZ-VOTE add-in may have been installed correctly, but the specific version of Office you're opening is missing the EZ-VOTE tab.

You might be able to see the EZ-VOTE tab using another version of Office. Find it via Start Menu --> Microsoft Office.

However, you still need to resolve this conflict as it WILL cause you issues down the road - you should only have ONE version of Office on the computer. Period.

You see, even if you find the EZ-VOTE tab in one of the instances of PowerPoint Ribbon (toolbar), when you later insert a question slide, the wrong version of Excel may still be linked to the EZ-VOTE installation.

Clean up your computer and uninstall every version of Office that you no longer use or need - leaving only one, preferably the latest.

After each upgrade, install or uninstall of Office, reboot your computer, just to be sure that the installation is complete.

Even so, sometimes the Office installation or upgrade doesn't go as planned.

Some clients had to go to rather extreme lengths to cleanup after previous Office installations and upgrades (e.g. from Office 2013 to 2016).

After installing EZ-VOTE Connect, during the launch of the application, they got an error that refers to "EZVOTEConnect.MainWindow" and "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel"

If this is your issue, Microsoft offers an "Easy Fix" Office Removal tool to solve this particular problem. Once you're on Microsoft page, scroll down to, or search for "easy fix", and download and run the file.

Then follow the remaining steps on that page to reinstall your latest version of Office.

Option #2: EZ-VOTE Add-In has been disabled by PowerPoint

PowerPoint Options: In PowerPoint 2007, click the "File" button (circular, with four squares, in the top left corner). In PowerPoint 2010/2013 click the actual "File" tab in the same corner:

From here, look for "Options" or "PowerPoint Options" menu:

Add-Ins:  Click the Add-ins tab. In the window that pops up, go to the bottom where it says COM Add-Ins and click GO.

In the next window you'll see an "EZ-VOTE" box. Check it to enable the program and click OK and close options. Please wait a few seconds until the Meridia/EZ-VOTE tab appears.

At this point you should see the EZ-VOTE splash screen which means the software is loading and soon you should see the MERIDIA tab appear.

If you don't have that visual, restart PowerPoint.

If this doesn't help, you have to uninstall EZ-VOTE, and install it via a right-click on the installer that you downloaded from our website.

- EZ-VOTE1.exe for the EZ-VOTE 1 application

- EZ-VOTE2.exe for the EZ-VOTE 2 plugin

- EZ-VOTE Connect Installer.exe for the EZ-VOTE Connect Suite

When you right-click on the installation package executable, you should see an option to "Run as administrator".

Select this and continue through the warnings, passwords prompts and everything else that is required.

When you install the software, launch EZ-VOTE from the icon on the desktop and you should see an EZ-VOTE splash screen as PowerPoint is loading and finally, you will see a MERIDIA tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.

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