TownVOTE v1.0 User Guide (old)

Modified on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 at 08:47 AM

Please see attached the User Guide with keyboard shortcuts and visual walk through of our TownVOTE v1.0 electronic polling software.

This User Guide refers to an older version that is available for download at and is no longer supported.

2017 EZ-VOTE Connect Updates

We have many exciting features coming to TownVOTE soon (beginning of 2018), but here are the changes after TownVOTE was integrated to the Connect Suite.

Your Participant List (PL) must contain two data points:

  • Keypad ID and 
  • Name

You can now create the PL right in the TownVOTE app, when you click on its banner from the Connect Dashboard. This is what the manual (keypad-by-keypad) entry screen will look like.

Notice how you can enter a single-digit number and the app will automatically convert it to a 7-digit Keypad ID:


PRO TIP: you can create a sticker with barcode that contains the Keypad ID embedded in it. Just use one of the freely available Avery templates (e.g. #5167) and their free software. This way, you can just scan the barcode as you're on the PL screen. TownVOTE will automatically move over to the next field (Tag) so you can enter the value (e.g. Name) there.

Furthermore, if you REALLY want to speed things up, you can create barcodes for your attendees' names and put those stickers on their badges, so you could automate the process to just "scan keypad --> scan badge --> scan keypad --> scan badge"

If you already have a PL created in Excel, or even better, in CSV, just make sure that the Keypad ID column/field is in a 7-digit format.

PLEASE NOTE: when you open any CSV in Excel, you'll lose your 'leading zeros'. Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent this, but you can always format the column with the Keypad IDs as "Text":


After you've imported the list from a CSV file to TownVOTE (see below), you will have the option to use a new feature we call Restrictive List. This allows you to limit the PL only to those who have been entered in the list.

If Restrictive List is turned off, we'll allow other keypads to vote, but we won't have the names to show next to them (of course):


The rest of the operation of the app remains the same as described in the User Guide, with Spacebar opening and closing each poll, + and - buttons adding/reducing the number of columns with names and "P" showing you multiple pages of names if you have more than can fit on a single screen.

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