Second & Third Monitor Setup

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I need to separate my laptop's display (Operator's Interface) from what the audience needs to see (Voting Results).


Connect your laptop to the HDMI output to show the voting content on the big-screen TV, or a projector AND connect the same laptop to a small 'side' monitor.

Then DUPLICATE the Screen 2 & 3 (projector and side monitor) and EXTEND the Screen 1 (your laptop desktop).

Don't forget that in TownVOTE, you must find in the Sidebar Panel (on the Agenda page) the option for Projector View and turn it ON. This will allow you to open a standalone window with just the Voting Results display. Once you have the second/third monitor connected, move the Projector View window (literally grab it by the Title Bar with your mouse and drag it) to this screen and maximize it for best visual impact and clarity.

Here's what it looks like during setup:

And this is what it looks like when it's done:

In Windows settings (Display Settings), make sure that you click on the display that represents your main laptop screen (usually Display 1). If you're not sure, click Identify and note the display number.

Select from the drop-down in the right corner the "Extend these displays" option.

Then click on the second or third display and select from the drop-down "Duplicate 2 & 3"

TIP: the numbering order in which the extra displays appear on the screen in Windows Display Settings matters. For example, if my displays are numbered 2 - 1 - 3, then my mouse will travel LEFT from Display 1 to Display 2, but I have to return and go RIGHT to reach Display 3, which is inconvenient.

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