After a period of time using CloudVOTE, you'll find yourself with a ton of content that you needs, but don't use every day. Now you need to sort and file the Templates and Reports, so that you can find what you're looking quickly and efficiently.


Use tags.

Tags are labels that allow you to categorize your content in plain, free-form English (or any other language for that matter). Tags can be assigned by clicking the "Associate tags with content" button below each Template/Report thumbnail:

Then, type the tags one, by one and click Close when you're done:

Once your content has tags assigned to it, they will be displayed below the Metadata labels:

When you need to filter out what you don't need to see and get to the Template that is part of the "Ethics" group, or the one that belongs to "Onboarding" training, just type that into the Tag Search box at the top of the page and see the list of content be instantly filtered and narrowed-down to just what you were looking for:

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