From time to time you may need to turn on the Enhanced Log feature in order to capture the events leading up to an unexplained error or crash.  

Here are the steps you can follow to turn on the enhanced log feature within GetFeedback.


1.Open Powerpoint and click on the Add-Ins tab to bring up the GetFeedback functions.

2. Click on the Tools tab/drop-down menu and select Manage Personal Default Settings.


3. Scroll down to the Other Settings and find Event Viewer Logging under that heading.


4 Click on the available drop-down menu for Event Viewer Logging and selectEnhanced.


5. Run the powerpoint until you get the same crash problems you encountered before.​


6. Once the crash occurs locate the log file by following this path    C:\Program Files\Get Feedback\Log

The log file will be called GFLog_ and the date and time created  (i.e. GFLog_2012-1-31)


7. Attach that file in email and send to   Include the .pptx file if inclined.

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