Polling/Voting Doesn't Work in EZ-VOTE or Another Meridia App

Modified on Thu, 26 Sep 2019 at 11:01 AM


Your audience polling/voting system doesn't work correctly, cannot collect votes, or the base is not being detected.


One of the reasons why polling may not work in one of your apps is that you have two of them open at the same time. If this is the case, they would be competing over the single piece of hardware (USB receiver) that is plugged into the computer.

Close both applications and start only the one that you're planning on using for the polling.

If all else is constant (activation and hardware installation have been successful), your keypads should now work just fine. If you do not find this article helping, there might be other reasons, so please click here.

There can be multiple cases where you can have both applications running at the same time.

Either you have left them open or even though you thought you closed them, there's a background process running in the memory that needs to be closed manually.

In rare cases, after an installation, when EZ-VOTE Connect desktop app does not install completely and one of its instances remains running in background, it can block you from launching the EZ-VOTE Connect program, also.

Whether it's PowerPoint, Excel or EZ-VOTE running in the background, you need to go to Task Manager to close these rogue processes:


[ProVOTE Classic ONLY] Another COM Device Interferes with USB Receiver

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