[ProVOTE Classic ONLY] Another COM Device Interferes with USB Receiver

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The receiver may not work due to an interference from another device that is either physically plugged into the computer (e.g. a wireless mouse/pointer) or resides in the memory and occupies/interferes with the COM port Meridia's device is trying to use.

First of all, on the Get Feedback toolbar, click on Base Settings. If you see the device listed with a COM number assigned to it, it should work now.  Close the Base Settings window, restart your presentation and try to collect votes. If the problem persists and your suspicion is that the problem could be interference from another device, please continue reading...

Known conflicting hardware

There is currently only one device we have identified to be conflicting with our audience response system: Targus AMP16US Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer (2.4GHz). This device occupies many computer COM (serial) ports and should not be used along with the Meridia USB receiver.  Logitech wireless presenters/pointers and other Targus models work fine.

Other conflicting hardware

Any other hardware that may be utilizing serial ports on your computer can potentially interfere with our hardware and prevent it from being able to collect the votes properly.  If you suspect a hardware conflict, please consult with your IT and/or try to use the Meridia system without the conflicting device.  Double-check the Device Manager --> Ports section to see if there are any other 'serial' devices that might conflict with Meridia receiver:

If you find that there are, in fact, devices that shouldn't be there, or might potentially cause the problem, right-click on each instance of such device and click Disable:

You may need your IT's help, or elevated user rights to perform these actions.


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