How to Get the Best Reception for Your Keypads?

Modified on Wed, 15 Aug 2018 at 04:11 PM

Do you find that you lose speed and range in certain locations where your audience response system is being used?

Do you have a problem with fitting the USB receiver in the computer ports that are too close to each other?

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Many computers these days only have one or two USB ports. Yes, they're sleek, light and easy to carry...but you still have technology that needs to be plugged in, right?

With our audience response receiver, you also might find that it blocks the neighboring USB port, if you happen to have two adjacent ones on one side of your laptop.

Here's a solution to both the reception and overcrowding issues:


An extension cord allows you to, well, extend the distance of your base receiver away from the computer. Therefore, you can now position it higher and safely away from any electronic interference nearby.

You already know that we, humans are mostly made of water, but you may not know that the bags of water we are also block a lot of the 2.4GHz RF signal that the clickers and base need to communicate with each other. Elevation also helps increase the possibility of a direct line of sight with the keypads.

Any regular 'ol extension cord will do, but there are some (like the one pictured here) that will also prop up the receiver and give you a good view of the LED indicator lights for piece of mind.

Ask us about the extension cords. We're here to help.

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