What's the difference between EZ-VOTE 5 and EZ-VOTE 5S keypads and EXT and EXT-S receivers

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What's the difference between the EZ-VOTE 5 and EZ-VOTE 5S keypads?


What's difference between the EA4000T (EXT, or EXTended Range) and the EXT-S base receivers?


The EZ-VOTE 5 keypads and EXT base receivers are an older Meridia audience response and electronic voting devices. They belong to the same family and are compatible with the EA100 and/or E100 "stick" base receiver, as well as the EZ-VOTE 10 keypads.

EZ-VOTE 5S keypads and EXT-S base receivers are NOT compatible with any of the previous versions and models of keypads and base receivers that Meridia sells.

They use a different communication and security protocol with added layers of protection, which makes the signal from the EZ-VOTE 5S keypad incompatible with the EA4000T (EXT) base receiver and vice versa, the EZ-VOTE 5 keypad signal is incompatible with the EXT-S base receiver.

Visually, on the front, the EZ-VOTE 5S has an orange "EZ-VOTE" logo on a much darker blue background. The older EZ-VOTE 5 model has a lighter blue background and a white "EZ-VOTE" logo:

On the back, the only difference is on the product label, where it says "EZ-VOTE 5" vs "EZ-VOTE 5S":


The difference between the older EXT (EA4000T) and the new EXT-S bases is even more subtle. They are identical on the front and all around the body of the device, but the label on the back clearly states which one is which:

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