Keypad Display Notifications

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Meridia Keypad Display Notifications

Quick Start Guide

Below you will find a quick start guide to our keypad notification schema, in case you need to know what each of the display notifications and icons mean.

Feel free to download the PDF version of this guide at the end of the article.

EZ-VOTE 5 and EZ-VOTE 10

Keypad ID

EZ-VOTE 10 keypad allows the user to determine the Keypad ID by simply pressing the “Clear” (backspace) button. EZ-VOTE 5 does not have this option:

Figure 1 - PLEASE NOTE: Keypad ID will only show if the keypad is NOT in polling/testing mode

Keypad ID is a four-digit number that will show on the keypad display and will correspond to the Base Manager ‘box ordinal’ when in Test Keypads mode:

Figure 2 - Base Manager shows the ID of the keypad that voted

Signal Strength

When the keypad and base connect, you’ll see a ‘signal strength’ icon in the top-left corner of the keypad display:

Figure 3 - Signal strength depends on the distance of the keypad from the base

Polling Status

When polling/testing mode is turned ON, the keypad display indicates an active polling session by a small “R” showing/flashing at the top of the display:

Figure 4 - "R" indicates that polling has been opened and participant can vote

Vote Confirmation

Once the participant has voted (valid vote has been submitted), the keypad will confirm that the vote has been counted by showing “OK” in the top-right corner of the keypad display (EZ-VOTE 10), or below the signal strength icon (EZ-VOTE 5):

Figure 5 - "OK" indicates that your vote has been received by the base receiver

Battery Status Indicators

When the battery in your keypad gets close to be depleted, a battery status indicator will turn on. This signals about seven (7) more days of operation and you should change the batteries in the keypad.

Figure 6 - Battery status indicator will let you know when it's time to change batteries.

Test Mode

This is mode and the display notification will not be available for end-users, but for the clarity and future reference, this is what the display can show when it's in "Test Mode".


Keypad ID

Like the EZ-VOTE 5, EZ-VOTE HD doesn’t have a display capable of showing the Keypad ID directly on it, thus you’ll have to use the Base Manager in EZ-VOTE plugin (see the workflow above) to determine the Keypad ID, or simply look at the Keypad ID label on the device:

Signal Strength

The HD and PRO keypads don’t have a feature or an icon that would immediately show the strength of the signal, but there are other ways you are notified that you lost or cannot establish a connection to the base receiver.

Polling Status & Vote Confirmation

EZ-VOTE HD keypad signals no connectivity to the base receiver by showing an "E" after a few seconds of trying to connect. A ‘dash’ across the middle of the display will be shown when your keypad is connected to the base, but no polling session is open. Once the keypad is connected to the base and you vote, say “8”, you’ll see the number 8 on the display, followed by an “o” (lowercase O) to confirm that the vote has been received “OK”:

EZ-VOTE PRO has additional, and clearer indication of the connection and polling status in a form of ‘progress indicator’ that turns into a clear “OK” message if the vote submission was successful:

As you turn the EZ-VOTE PRO keypad on (using the “Power” button in the bottom left corner, you may see a ‘looking glass’ or ‘search’ icon briefly displayed in the top middle section of the display, which then turns to a ‘disconnected antenna’ icon if there’s no base in the vicinity that the keypad is programmed to communicate with:

In an ‘idle state’ when the keypad was searching and successfully connected to the base receiver, but no polling is activated, the display will show ‘two dashes’ in the top middle section. Once the polling is open, it will recognize the type of polling mode being used on each slide. For example, when polling on a simple single-vote slide such as True/False, or multiple-choice question, the indicator will show a ‘pencil’ icon along with “1/A” or “1/2” or “1/5” depending on how many and what type of answers are available, while on a Texting Slide, it will show the pencil icon along with “Txt” label next to it:

Additional EZ-VOTE 5 Display Notifications

When the EZ-VOTE 5 keypad is not in an active polling mode (when the antenna icon doesn't show any 'bars') and you press the "5E" button, there will be a channel number shown to the left of the "5E" vote. Each time you press the "5E" button again, the number will change, e.g. 37, 22, 30...

The channel number changes because the keypad is searching for the channels all the time when it is offline (not in polling mode). When the keypad is online (in polling mode), pressing the "5E" button simply submits the vote "5" or "E" since the channel number is the one that has been matched during the keypad configuration phase, most often already done at Meridia.

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