I have embedded a video file inside the PowerPoint that I want to play during the Slideshow.

EZ-PRESENTER will not play such video. Essentially, the video will become a part of the STATIC ‘image’ or ‘screen shot’ that EZ-PRESENTER takes when it starts and the user points to a PPTX file.


After that, everything you see on EZ-PRESENTER’s screen is a static image and you can open polling anytime you need.


In the reports, the image (screen shot) will be used on the page (Word-formatted report) along with the collected data displayed in a table.


​A: The solution to this limitation is to have the video play on a different computer/device that your video output to, when it’s time to watch it. When it’s over, switch back to the PowerPoint (EZ-PRESENTER) video feed and continue in the presentation, start polling, etc…

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