Problem:   I built an ARS slide but when I open polling, Menu bar shows Polling Open-lit Green and responses coming in but when I close the vote/polling, NO bar graphs show up.

Cause:  One of the three basic elements of the slide data structure has been corrupted...It is possible to delete or otherwise corrupt one of the three critical parts of the slide: Question TextAnswer Text or Graph Object.  

For example, and most likely, you accidentally double-click on the graph object and CONVERT it to the newer (2007 or 2010) version. 

Since we store the data inside the PowerPoint slide objects, this breaks the internal ARS links between the slide objects and the data from the keypads and the slide becomes corrupt. 


Solution:  Re-create the slide from scratch. You can copy & paste the CONTENT of the text box into the newly created Get Feedback slide, but you shouldn’t copy the entire object (e.g. the box where the original text was stored). To prevent the corruption, keep in mind: 

- If you need to change the content (text) in the text box, don’t delete the box itself. Simply highlight the text box contents (CTRL + A) and re-type what you need. 

- If you double-click on the Graph Object and the conversion warning comes up, click "Edit Existing" or the Red X, and then click out of the work area to return to Design Mode without making any changes: 

If you did indeed break the bar graph portion of your slide, you will need to create a new slide.

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