Charts/graphs, vote counter, countdown or other objects are missing from the slides, or clicking through (navigation) slides doesn't work

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When you're missing critical components of an EZ-VOTE polling slide (e.g. Chart, or Answer Text), you may experience strange behavior and/or errors.

You know that something is broken when you see a slide that is supposed to look like this:

But instead, it looks like this:

The problem is, you're missing a chart, which means polling doesn't work and keypads/clickers won't vote.

There could be several reasons for that:

1.) Your dog ate the chart :D (OK, maybe you deleted it)

Solution: recreate the slide

2.) Your Office/Excel installation is corrupted

This may mean that certain critical components of Office were never installed, or are corrupted.

One way to get to this point is to upgrade to a newer version of Office, but end up with both of them residing on your computer at the same time (not a good situation).

Solution: You may need help from your IT for this! Repair it from the Programs & Features (or Add/Remove Programs) Control Panel:

First, you may want to try the "Quick Repair" option and then try to reinstall the EZ-VOTE software.

If "Quick Repair" didn't work, it's time to try the longer, "Online Repair" (you'll definitely need your IT to help you with this one).

Reboot your computer after this installation, and reinstall EZ-VOTE again.

In the end, you should end up with both the appropriate version of Office, and other components, such as Office Interop Assemblies on your computer:

3.) You are missing Excel from your Office package. Excel is a crucial component that we use to build our charts. EZ-VOTE won't work correctly without it.

Solution: Install a full version of Office. Standard, Student, or Home will suffice, as long as it includes PowerPoint and Excel.

4.) The chart is there, but it's hidden. There could be an object placed on top of the chart (see how it's done), or the chart could have been dragged outside of the slide and you can can't see it.

Solution: Zoom out so far out that you may discover the missing chart outside of the slideshow viewpoint

5.) Your Windows user account doesn't allow you to insert charts for some reason. Some clients have reported that the way they logged into Windows limited how the EZ-VOTE software worked.

Solution: A full-access (read/write) is required and your IT must make sure that you can install software and make changes to the Windows Registries and the file structure to be able to insert slides correctly.

6.) Your Windows installation is missing a required component called .NET Framework. EZ-VOTE Connect requires a .NET Framework v4.6 or higher.

Solution: You can install .NET from Microsoft directly:, or enable it through the Programs and Features control panel --> Turn Windows features on or off:

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