The process described in this article only applies to ProVOTE Classic keypads and talks about changing the Base ID to match the keypads. If you're interested in the opposite: changing the Keypad ID to match the connected base, please see this article.

The process of changing the ID of the base is quite simple, but first, you need to know what what the ID of the keypads you're trying to match is. On the keypad, press the "ID" button and read the first four characters off the display, e.g. "b009" or "b010". NOTE: by the way, the "b" may look like a "6".

Now to the next step. Launch the EZ-VOTE PowerPoint software and on the toolbar, navigate to Tools --> Base Settings:

Make sure that you see the receiver listed here and that its properties (including the BaseID) is showing:

In order to change the BaseID property, click the Advanced Settings button and then change the Base ID in the Base Properties area - When you have selected the new Base ID, click on Apply Settings and check the Reply from Base area to confirm new Base ID:

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