Meridia CloudVOTE License/Subscription Activation

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All Meridia apps must be licensed and the license needs to be activated per computer, per user. If you don't activate your license, you can use the software in Simulated/demo Mode. EZ-VOTE Connect customers can also use up to 5 physical keypads in Demo Mode.

2017, 2018 & 2019 EZ-VOTE Connect License Activation

With the release of EZ-VOTE Connect, we have changed the license activation process.

Every new EZ-VOTE Connect customer who buys a keypad system from us receives an email with invitation to create their CloudVOTE account.

Simply click on the link within the email, and you'll be taken to page where you'll fill out your information, and create a password and Join Code for your mobile participants when they want to join your polling session from their phones, tablets, or computers.

The account is valid for a year, but even when it expires, you will never lose the ability to use the desktop software and keypads/clickers.

The following steps require you to be CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET to proceed. You will never need internet again to operate your desktop software and hardware, though unless you need to use the mobile/hybrid polling and/or the content management features.

If you cannot allow the computer you're trying to license to be connected to the internet, there's a three-step process (which does NOT take place in real time) that you can complete to activate the license offline. Follow the instructions in Offline Activation article to complete that process.

Once you have your CloudVOTE credentials (email address and password), launch EZ-VOTE Connect, and you'll be presented with a black login screen:

Enter your login info and voila - your license is activated.

The software can be installed and activated on any number of computers, so feel free to put it on all the workstations that are used for creating interactive presentations and conduct polling sessions.

Common Issues with Online Activation:

- EZ-VOTE Connect Cannot Login to CloudVOTE Account due to firewall/proxy rules

- "Object reference not set..." error due to firewall/proxy rules

- "PutMySubscriptionKey" error due to missing .NET components, corrupt RSA encryption signatures, or "LockBox" license file

Pre-2017 EZ-VOTE 2 License Activation

The old EZ-VOTE 2 license can be activated in one of two ways:

  1. Using an Activation App found on our AppCenter web page
  2. Obtaining the license file from Meridia (CSV text file) and placing it into the Common folder

Let's take a look at method #1.
Activation over the internet is simple, yet sometimes doesn't work when the internet connection is restricted, or when the user doesn't have the admin rights to generate the file in the required locations. 
  1. Follow Step 1 on the AppCenter web page to download and run the app
  2. Then enter your USB base receiver serial number and click Activate.
  3. In a moment, you will see your expiration date on the left, under the base serial number(s) activated in this license
  4. On the right, you will see the relevant apps highlighted and designated as "Activated"
At this point, you're all set and you can close the Activation app.

If you need to go to Method #2, please contact Meridia Support at or (610) 260-6800 to obtain the license via email.
You also might want to do this if you're trying to activate the software on more than 2 computers, which is allowed and copying and pasting the license file is typically faster than the internet-based activation.

You will be instructed to place the CSV license file into the specific folders as shown below.
If your activation completes successfully via the Internet, you can also find your license file in the same folder locations.

In Windows XP, when an activation takes place, the license file is automatically generated in the local user's Documents folder (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Meridia\Common) and also in a shared folder under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Meridia\Common. See below:

In Windows 7 and higher, you will see the CSV license file in these two folders:





The reason we put the license file into two separate locations is that some computers have restrictions on where the files can/cannot be created.

Every user should have the ability to put the files into their own documents, but we also want the System Admins to be able to activate the software for all users on that specific computer.


If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact us at

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