Keypads Are Not Working/Voting or Only Limited Number (5) of Clickers Work

Modified on Fri, 05 Nov 2021 at 11:42 AM

There are typically two main reasons why the keypads/clickers don't work:

1) The software license has not been activated - customer is not logged into their CloudVOTE account.

2) Keypads & base receiver are not 'connecting' correctly - either because they're not on the same "channel", or the base is set to a limited "keypad range".

There are other reasons that clickers may not be working, so be sure to read through this article.

First, start with going to EZ-VOTE (tab) in your PowerPoint and check Tools --> Base Settings.

If you see the base receiver (USB 'stick' device) listed as "Enabled" in the Base Manager window that's a good start:


If you don't see the base, try to connect it to another USB port first.

As strange at it sounds, specific computer types (e.g. Microsoft Surface Laptop, or Surface Tablet) only recognize the base when it's plugged into a USB hub instead of directly into the side of the computer.

If the base is connected and enabled, you can test your keypads by clicking the Test Keypads button, then adjusting your test grid size to fit your needs and keypad range:

If all clickers test out, close the Base Manager window and try running your slide deck in Presentation/Slideshow Mode again.


If you still can't use all your clickers, check if you're logged into the CloudVOTE account (this only has to be done once). If your license activation was successful, you should see the registered email address at the bottom of the main Connect Dashboard:

You can also see the Activation Status on the Settings tab.


Standard factory setting for the Keypad Range function is 1 - 200, but if a client orders more than 200 clickers, we configure the base receiver to the exact number ordered.

In case this wasn't done, or you're using a new base that hasn't been configured yet, follow these instructions, depending on your keypad model:

EZ-VOTE 5/10

Please follow instructions in this Solution.


Please follow instructions in this Solution.

ProVOTE Classic (discontinued)

Please follow instructions in this Solution.

If the licensing and keypad/base configuration changes didn't fix the issue, the following could all be the reasons why the keypads are not working and votes are not accepted:

  • Participant List is Invalid or Shouldn't be Loaded
    • Problem: If your presentation uses a Participant List, ONLY keypads in it will work
    • Solution: Delete or Edit the Participant List. Click here for more information.
  •  How to Clear Responses From Your PPTX File
    • Problem: You didn't Clear Responses from the polling slides.
    • Solution: Perform a Clear Responses procedure. Click here to learn more.
  • [ProVOTE Classic ONLY] Keypads are not Programmed to the Same ID as the Base
  • Input Source Setting is set to Simulated Data
  • Another Device/Application Disabled or is Utilizing the USB Receiver


License/Subscription Activation

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