*IMPORTANT: Back up your presentation before making changes!

This process will work for most of you:

1)Click on a slide in the non-functioning presentation (regular view) and press Ctrl+A to select all slides

2) Press Ctrl+C to copy all slides to a clipboard

3) Open a new presentation (blank), click on the first slide and press Ctrl+V to paste all slides into the new presentation.

This should restore functionality to the presentation.  If it is still unresponsive, try this

1) Open the non-working pptx and go to the Design tab

2) There is a down arrow with a line above it signaling a dropdown menu on the right side of the "style" box. (see image)  Click it to activate the dropdown menu.

3) At the bottom of the dropdown menu, click "Save current theme"

4) Copy all the slides (as in step one of the previous instructions)

5) Create a new slide and USING THE MOUSE right click on the new presentation to paste so you can select Use destination formatting.   Your slides will look different, but they should work the way they are supposed to.

6) Now go back into the design tab and click the same down arrow, find your saved style, and click it.  

If everything was done correctly you should have the same presentation you started with, but it will have EZ-Vote functionality restored!

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