[ProVOTE Classic] How to Change the Keypad ID to Match the Connected Base Receiver

Modified on Thu, 05 Sep 2019 at 02:40 PM

The process described in this article only applies to ProVOTE Classic keypads and talks about (re)programming the base's ID # on the keypad to match the connected base. If you'd like to do the opposite: change the base's ID, please see this article.

The ProVOTE Classic (blue) keypads and the receiver (base) will be 'matched' to seamlessly talk to each other.

However, if you needed to use the keypads with another system, combine two separate systems or otherwise change the "ID" of either of the components, then your keypads may not work with the base that's currently connected to the computer.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

  1. Change the ID of all affected keypads
  2. Change the ID of the base


Changing the keypad ID is a little more difficult and depending on the number of affected keypads, it may be quite time-consuming. Let's start with the buttons that you need to hold and press. Then we'll explain the order and timing of the actions.

In order to change the ID on the keypad, hold down the CLR button and press "2". Let go of the buttons. You should see two horizontal lines on the keypad display. To enter the new ID, enter its three-digit number, e.g. "005" or "011". If done correctly, you should see three horizontal lines. Be sure to enter the ID that matches the one of the base connected to the computer.

For example, if the Base ID of the connected base is 9, then you need to enter "009" on the keypad to match it to that base:

Now to the timing...you have to follow the steps in in quick order. After you see the two horizontal lines, you will only have a few seconds to enter the new ID. Don't worry, you can always start over and there's nothing you can do wrong. The worst-case scenario is that you will have programmed a wrong ID to the keypad and you'll have to do it over.

To confirm that the new ID was programmed into the keypad, press and release the "ID" button on the keypad and the first three characters should match the number you wanted to enter, e.g. "b005" or "b011". By the way, the "b" may appear as "6".

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