Sometimes, using smaller ARS keypad systems, you may speed up the vote collection by reducing the "size" or "range" if the Keypad IDs that the base needs to manage.

This is done inside EZ-VOTE Base Manager, where you can limit the behavior of the base to only 'listen to' your particular range of keypads, e.g. 1 - 100, or 1 - 250, or 200 - 300.

Let's get to it:

Once your ProVOTE base has been detected, click on the Advanced Settings and in the Keypad ID section, select the range you would like to limit your base to:

Make sure to click Apply Settings and you should see the new range being applied on the right side. Close the Advanced Settings window and refresh the base (disconnect it, reconnect it)

REMEMBER: this setting is done on software level, so the EZ-VOTE app will remember it until you change it again. What does that mean? You will have to change the range again, if your desired keypad configuration changes and you need to handle more, or different keypads, in a different range next time around.

However, you only need to make the change ONCE on each computer where the USB base receiver is plugged in.

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