In order for us to troubleshoot your problem and find a solution, we need to know more about your system.

When opening a ticket, you can expect us ask for this information: 

  • Windows, Office, and EZ-VOTE version
  • EZ-VOTE logs
  • Screenshots of the error (if possible and available)
  • And most importantly - STEPS to REPRODUCE the problem.

Send all the supporting files to us via email, or if they are too large, use our FileDrop.

In order to collect information about your computer system, connect/plug in your base receiver and take a screenshot of the EZ-VOTE Base Manager:

  1. Go to Tools --> Base Manager. Take a screenshot of that window. See below a sample when the USB base receiver is connected:

The EZ-VOTE logs can be found in these locations, depending on the version of the software you're using:


  1. Reproduce the steps that lead to the error
  2. After that, navigate to \Documents\Meridia\Log folder and highlight both folders "EzVote" and "MeridiaAPILog". Then right-click --> Send to --> Compressed ZIP folder. See attached.
  3. Email us the resulting ZIP file

In EZ-VOTE Connect (v3.0):

  1. Reproduce the steps that lead to the error
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Meridia\ and among other things, you will see two folders: EZ-VOTE and EZ-VOTE Connect
  3. Go inside one of the folders and look for Log or Logs foldergo in and highlight everything you see there, then right-click on any item in the selection and --> Send to --> Compressed ZIP folder

  1. Go back to the main Meridia folder and go to the second folder, look for the Log or Logs folder contents and right-click --> Send to --> Compressed ZIP folder
  2. Send BOTH ZIP files to us via email, or our DropBox

To complete the log file collection, please run the Event Viewer app via Start --> Event Viewer (in Windows 8.1 and 10, just click on Start and start typing to search).

First, navigate to Windows Logs --> Application section of the Event Viewer, then filter the logs so that the date and time reflects the time frame when the error or crash occurred.

Proceed to save the filtered log file so that you can include it in the email to our Support team:

Select "No display information" on the last screen:

Don't forget to mention the steps to reproduce the issue, so that we can find it and resolve it quickly.