EZ-VOTE Connect Login Problems - PutMySubscriptionKey Error When Activating Your License

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"GetActivationDateTime Checksum Failure"

"GetString" parameter


You may encounter a "PutMySubscriptionKey" error message while logging into the EZ-VOTE Connect for the first time after the installation.

First, please test the validity of your login information by going to www.cloudvote.com/account and logging in there.

If you are able to get into your CloudVOTE account, the problem is only related to the desktop app.


There are a few possible solutions to this issue:

1) The Meridia LockBox (license) file is corrupted and needs to be regenerated

2) Your computer needs the latest version of .NET Framework.

3) Your user profile is what Microsoft calls a "Mandatory User Profile" (link to Microsoft MSDN).

4) Your hard drive is encrypted.

5) Your RSA "public encryption keys" are corrupted and need to be regenerated

Solution #1

Start with this possible solution because it may be the shortest path to success. Download and install the latest version of the EZ-VOTE Connect software. Navigate to the LockBox location: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Meridia\LockBox (where the USER is your actual username) and delete the "LockBox" file with the long name that you see there:

Restart the Connect app and it should allow you to login now. If it works, you're done. You'll never have to do this again on this computer. Remember, each computer needs to be activated if you want to use more than 20 keypads (turn off Demo Mode).

If you're still unable to log in, see if you have good internet connection, if your security software isn't blocking your connection (or our software), or if you need to ask you IT for proxy settings, or a new firewall rule allowing the Connect app to connect.

If you're still unable to log in, jump to Solution #5 and delete (or remove to another folder) the RSA public encryption keys.

Solution #2

Download .NET v4.6 (link to Microsoft), reboot and see if the login works now.

Solution #3

Windows "Mandatory Profile" or "Temporary Profile" prevents changes that the user makes from being saved/become permanent. Admins use this on shared computers that are installed on podiums, in shared classrooms, etc...

You'll need to ask your IT to investigate this option and test removing your User Profile from this configuration to see if it helps. It also helps if THEY (the IT) try to log in using THEIR OWN username and try to activate the Connect app.

If they can, but you cannot, they still have to make your profile work and then you'll have to activate the software (one time), because the app needs to be activated on every computer, per user in order to work without the limitations of the Demo Mode.

Solution #4

Download the latest version of the Connect app (v3.0.163) - it supports FIPS encryption out of the box.

If that doesn't work, please follow these steps to disable the FIPS system temporarily to see if it's a viable solution and activate the license:

Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Local Security Policy. The Group Policy dialog appears. Under the "Local Policies" heading, select "Security Options" and look for the entry, "System cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing." If this entry is enabled, disable it.

To verify FIPS is enabled or disabled:
Open the registry editor and browse the following path. Make sure this registry subkey is set to 0:

Solution #5

Locate the RSA folder: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA (where USER is your actual username) and remove (make backup copy) and delete the contents of the folder.

Restart EZ-VOTE Connect and try to log in again.


Nothing but a Blank White Screen When Launching EZ-VOTE Connect

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