The LED indicators don't light up when the base is plugged into the computer.


Try another USB port. Usually it's about the stability of the connection and 'tightness' of the USB port. If the base still doesn't turn on in a new port, try a new computer - you don't even have to install the software there, the point is to see if the lights turn on.

If none of this works, the power connection has most likely been broken, thus the receiver needs to be replaced. Please contact your Sales Executive or our Sales Department (, or (610) 260-6800 x1) for the instructions on how to return a faulty hardware.  We'll create a RMA #, (Return Merchandise Authorization), for you and upon inspection of the items you send back to us, we'll replace any device(s) that is/are within the warranty period.

For more information about our Warranty, please refer to this article.

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