If you received an error when trying to launch an App from the AppCenter that looks like the following.

[Error when launching EZPresenter or any of the other apps: InitializeHardware() Error: BeginBaseDetection() Error: BeginBaseDetectionUsingLegacyAPT() The given port name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port. Parameter name: portName     

In this instance your base is being blocked or prevented from being recognized in the com ports ​by another device. 

How to get around this and make the base work?   You will need to call up your Device Manager to view all the devices your computer is using to find out if there are devices interferring with the base.

Find your My Computer Icon on desktop or click on Start menu button in lower left hand corner of desktop and find My Computer.  Right click to bring up menu.   SelectManage from this window.  Click on the plus-sign next to Ports and look for your base [USB Serial Port (COM8)] in this instance.

If you see more devices listed [Communications Port (COM1) is NOT the issue - no need to alter this] than you see in the picture below, it is very possible that one of them is responsible for "Blocking" your base from being "recognized".

In order to get your base to work, right-click on your other devices and selectDisable​...you can later Enable these devices again if not using ARS software.

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