Install batteries in the keypads by removing the cover on the back and insert (2) AAA batteries.

Pay attention to the battery orientation and insert the batteries according to the drawing on the inside of the battery compartment:

The keypads do not need to be "turned on" per se. Similar to your television remote, they are always off until you press a button. Simply press a number to vote for the corresponding answer choice.
The "ID" button can be pressed to check the keypad Base ID/keypad ID number.

If the keypad still doesn't work even with brand-new batteries, check the connectors - both the spring side and the top metal.

It's possible that the old batteries leaked and left a sticky, or if it's been a while since the leak, hardened (white) residue on the contacts.

This would prevent electricity from passing through. It's easy to wipe or scrape this off with a cue tip, or a screwdriver.

Reinstall the batteries after the cleaning and see if the keypad turns on when you push a button on it.

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